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BASIC TASKS TO OUTSOURCE TO YOUR WFH EXECUTIVEWe have already provided you with the three-category guide to help you efficiently come up with a list of tasks you can outsource to your WFH executive. But what if you are still not ready to sit down and thoroughly go through those three categories? 

Well then, this list could just be the perfect one you can use for now. We have below a number of basic administrative tasks that you can start outsourcing to your WFH executive. At the time being, you may refer to this as you continue to identify further more tasks you need help with in your business. 

Administrative Tasks. 

This can consist of the most basic of basic tasks, the simplest of them all. From email management, invoicing, handling customer inquiries and FAQs, to preparing presentation slides and checking your calendar appointment. You can take these off of your plate and assign them to your WFH executive so you have free up your time.

  1. HANDLE CALLS. You can get someone to act as your receptionist or assistant who can handle your business incoming calls and check your messages.
  2. WORK ON DATA ENTRY AND UPDATES. These tasks may include just basic data building and inputting especially for your business’ sales, contacts, lead generation, CRM, etc.
  3. PERFORM BANKING NEEDS. You can have your WFH executive run your errands to the bank to pay bills and manage transfer of funds for your business.
  4. CREATE AND PREPARE YOUR BUSINESS REPORTS. For sales and other form of data, you may have your WFH executive create, format, file and present the reports either to you or to the rest of your team.
  5. MANAGE YOUR CALENDAR. Most of your days may have back-to-back scheduled meetings, appointments and deadlines. It is important that your calendar be updated and managed to reflect these important commitments. With the help of a WFH executive, you can stay on top of all your daily schedule.
  6. CHECK AND PROOFREAD BUSINESS AND OFFICE DOCUMENTS. From time to time, business documents will cross your table. You may be required either to sign or write these documents and it pays to have another set of eyes from your WFH executive to help you check these. 

Again, these are only some of the basic tasks you may want to outsource to your future WFH executive. Still, the best time to hire someone is when you have already identified the list of tasks you need help with. Feel free to personalize your task list and see the priority roles that you need filled first.