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For maybe once or more than twice in our lives, we experienced moving places. It could be a result of a number of reasons: going to college in another state, accepting a job offer in a different city or country, trying on independent living, or settling down with a partner. We all have our own experiences of moving. 

Now, there are a lot of things to prepare when you want to move places. The most important of them all is choosing your moving company. Who will transport your belongings? Who will make sure that all your furniture and other prized possessions are well taken care of? And most importantly, who can help you do the move on the exact date and time that you plan to do it? 

There are a number of ads from different moving companies that you will find both online and offline. But to help you in your decision, here are some key factors you can consider in choosing your moving company: 


When you come up with the list of moving companies you are interested in, the first step is to check their legal status. Research, investigate and confirm if they are licensed and insured. 


After checking the legal status of your mover, you should now research its reputation. Do not rely on ads that are made to actually impress you. Make sure to check reviews and recommendations of people who have tried the services of this company. You may do this reputation check through the following steps: 

Step 1 – Check their website for customer reviews. Take note of comments on personnel attitude.You wouldn’t want someone with attitude adding on to your stress on your moving day. 

Step 2 – Get recommendations from people you know who have recently done their move. Check with your friends or colleagues and inquire which moving companies did they get and ask what was their experience with those. 

Step 3 – If you come across a bad review, check how the company has managed it and how they responded to the person. This will speak a lot about their efficiency and customer handling process. 

Step 4 – See if your desired moving company is a part of the moving industry. This would mean that they have adapted an innovative approach to their business. 

Step 5 – Check if your mover has other accreditations or if they are a part of other moving associations. This can help further verify their legitimacy in the industry. 


One of the things you should also consider in choosing your moving company is the additional services they can offer. This will help you know if they are willing to go beyond basic moving services just to make sure that you have the most convenient moving experience. Here are just some additional services which could be helpful to you on your move: 

    • Professional cleaning services after the move 
    • Custom crates for works of art 
    • Storage facility


Check for signs that your moving company may not be 100% legit. It’s important to spot this as early as possible to avoid closing deals and settling payment with a bogus company. Check if your moving company has any of these red flags:    

    • Does not have any physical address 
    • Asks for a large deposit in advance 
    • Asks you to sign blank or incomplete documents
    • Does not provide you with the FMCSA booklet that has your rights and responsibilities when you move

This list is only a guide to help you choose the right moving company for you. You may freely add or take out some steps in the process however you like. But what is most important is that you do your research ahead of time. With research, you can avoid inconveniences and issues during your moving day.