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Most of the time, when you have a business, you really want to be hands-on with all of the processes. You want to manage all aspects of it from start to finish. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is what is really expected of you as the business owner. But when this happens, you’re more likely to spend so much time on making sure that the processes work and you tend to forget that developing other aspects of your business is also important. When this happens, you’re more likely WORKING IN your business than WORKING ON your business. When you work in your business, you become part of the workforce. You are too involved in the nitty-gritty parts and you sometimes handle the end-to-end processes. This usually takes so much of your time. Instead, you should be dedicating your time working on your business like coming up with ideas for product development, brand image, customer service and many more. Now, your question may be, “But how exactly do I do that?” Well, we have just the right answer for you:  Hire a Filipino worker, recreate yourself and change your life! Your very own Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. Filipinos are known to be honest, loyal and hardworking individuals who will dedicate their time to provide you with the utmost service you ask of them. This makes them the ideal candidate for what we call the Work from Home Executive (virtual assistant) The hiring process is no walk in the park and no applicant is immediately perfect for any hiring client. That is why, to guide you with your hiring process, we introduce you to this effective method of hiring a rockstar virtual assistant.

1. HAVE ONE MAIN REQUIREMENT Refrain from overwhelming your potential candidates with a list of skills so detailed that they start to back out of the application process even before starting it. Just come up with one solid requirement that you feel is the most important to you for that position you are hiring in.

2. ENTERTAIN A LOT OF CANDIDATES It always pays to have more people vying for the position. This only means that they are interested in working for you and they have knowledge of two to three of the tasks required for that position. When hiring, it is most ideal that you interview a pool of candidates who have thoroughly followed your application process. The more you interview, the closer you are to finding the best person for the job.

3. INSTEAD OF LIVE INTERVIEWS, SEND OUT INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Not everyone is confident in front of the camera to do online live interviews. You don’t want to risk losing your next potential WFH executive over this. Instead, do your interview through multiple emails and a list of questions you carefully crafted. By doing so, you get to know all important information about your candidates by also connecting with them more through multiple back and forth messages.

4. GIVE ATTENTION TO THEIR APPLICATION PROCESS One’s hiring style is different from another. Though they might be following the same instructions, they might interpret it differently. Notice your candidates’ attention to detail, speed of response, English skills, and gut. These aspects can tell you greatly about an individual’s work style and attitude.

5. HIRE THE BEST ONE Probably after your list of questions and the multiple email exchanges, some candidates might have already dropped out of the application process. This will now leave you with a narrower group from which you can now select your next Filipino WFH executive. After all the processes, you pretty much know who is the best one to hire. Choose that person. Choose the best one.

The hiring process could be as easy as just choosing the person with the best skills on paper. But it might not yield the same result compared with the one you can come up with from following the steps above. If you put in enough effort in hiring, your candidates will surely know how much they should take their application process seriously. This will show just how much you value each other’s time.