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ONBOARDING YOUR VIRTUAL TEAMYou have now successfully selected your team of individuals ready to help you with the tasks to run your business. These individuals are equipped with the right skills to handle the most important daily activities of your business operation. Now your question could be “So what do I do next?”

Knowing how to properly onboard your team to your company or business is as vital as identifying their roles and responsibilities pre hiring. If expectations were not set properly or training and guidance were not provided, you might risk losing these people early.

It’s important for you to know that your virtual employees are not superheroes. As any person would be, if you overload them with tasks in a time-sensitive manner or if you fail to set their work expectations correctly, or if you haven’t laid out their roles and responsibilities clearly, they will fail. Then, parts of your business may be affected.

In this guide, we will give you the three key steps to onboarding your virtual team.

STEP 1: Clearly establish their roles and functions. You can’t afford to keep on reminding your team of their roles and tasks every single day or week. It’s important to discuss this early on so you are on the same page as them. Go through all the tasks you expect of them and discuss if you have a preferred way of doing things. Through this, you are also instilling some form of standard for their work output.

STEP 2: Set expectations properly. This is a two-way street. You should encourage your team to express their concerns regarding any issues or topics beforehand. This is important to get any form of confusion out of the way. You may take this opportunity to explain further specific parts of the contract to make things clearer for everyone involved. This can also be an opportunity for you to discuss the work flow you expect your people to follow for you to work harmoniously together.

STEP 3: Provide appropriate training. Certain roles and tasks require some form of training. It’s important that you provide necessary training to your team to ensure productivity and success in their respective roles. Investing in different forms of training will be beneficial for the growth of your team as well as in implementing a certain standard for your overall business operations.

Hiring people can be very easy. There are tons of ways to find them and make them a part of your team. But it should not stop there. These people can be keys in helping you further grow your business that is why it is important that you all start your work relationships on a good note. When your team is properly onboarded, you can avoid a lot of misunderstandings and mismanagements in the future.